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[ academics_anon ]
Rehab for (recovering) academics.
2nd-Sep-2005 06:23 pm
EDIT 3 September: This is the original post of what has now become a three-entry alphabetical list of colleges and universities accepting students displaced by hurricane Katrina.

EDIT(2): academics_anon does not allow anonymous posts and you will not be able to comment here if you are not on LJ and a member of the community. If you do not have an LJ account but have a school to add or can assist with info, please email me at allison.robert@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to add you.

EDIT(3): A big thank-you to compscilin and others for adding this list to the WikiNews article on college students displaced by Katrina. If you're looking for schools by state rather than name, please visit that. See Compscilin's post here for an update and instructions on how to post to WikiNews.

Schools J-O (Post #2) can be found here

Schools P-Z (Post #3) can be found here

I thought I'd try collecting as much information as possible in one post in the hopes that it might be of help somehow; as wpl510 and testcase noted, it's better to have it all in one place, and academics_anon plays host to a number of people from the affected areas. All links go directly to the university webpages dealing with contributions. PLEASE chime in with links and info if you've got a school I've missed. EDIT: This page has now been linked from academics_anon's profile page here. Thanks to rockstarbob!

- LAW: thanks to threefourtime for providing the American Associaton of Law Schools list on schools accepting law students from stricken areas.

- MEDICINE: The NIH is currently assembling a similar list, but I haven't seen anything on their website yet; I assume it'll be up tomorrow and it will be posted here. EDIT: from Emory's webpage: "The AAMC and ACGME have asked that any change in student or resident assignments be coordinated nationally through these respective organizations. According to the most recent updates from the AAMC, the students from Tulane will continue their education in Houston and the students from LSU New Orleans will transfer to Baton Rouge. The AAMC website, www.aamc.org, provides regular updates." EDIT 6 September: We have received information from St. Martinus University School of Medicine in Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) that they can take 100 or more Tulane and LSU students immediately, provide housing, and also provide housing for 2 faculty members. Please see St. Martinus' entry in the third list here. Thank you to SMU Special Counsel Roger Courtney for alerting us to this information.

- Agnes Scott College: "Agnes Scott College is offering students from institutions affected by Hurricane Katrina space in its undergraduate classes on a space-available basis for the fall 2005 semester. Students will be accepted as transient students. Campus housing is available on a limited basis. Because classes began at the college on Wednesday, August 31, accepted students are asked to begin classes no later than Friday, September 9. Students seeking to enroll as transient students should have application materials in the Agnes Scott admission office no later than Thursday, September 8, at 4:30 pm EST, and will be notified of a decision as soon as possible." frostflake is an undergrad at Agnes Scott and can help.

- University of Alabama: Tuscaloosa has become one of the central refugee towns and there's a lot of stuff, so click the link: they're taking students, providing internet access to refugees, and hosting a Red Cross center.

- Alfred University: "Alfred University has established an immediate response for area students who attend colleges that have been closed by Hurricane Katrina and want to attend courses this fall without further delay, said Wendy Beckemeyer, vice president for Enrollment Management at AU. “Alfred University will waive its application and late registration fees for students, work to place these students in classes that will transfer to their home colleges and possibly provide some scholarship aid to students in need.” "We want to partner with area students and their parents to provide temporary relief from this devastating experience due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina," said Dr. Charles M. Edmondson, president of Alfred University. Students interested are being asked to contact Mandy Hansen, associate director of Admissions, at 607.871.2115." lotusbiosm is an Alfred alum and can help.

- University of Arizona: "In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, The University of Arizona has announced it will do everything possible to assist displaced college students who were attending universities in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast areas...Interested students should contact Lynne Tronsdal, assistant vice president for retention, at 520-621-8257." kawaiikingyo is a grad student at Arizona and can help.

- Arizona State: "The students are being enrolled, using whatever transcripts or information is available, and provided with campus housing space as needed. ASU Executive Vice President and University Provost Milton Glick says that tuition assistance also may be provided." aching_star is an undergrad psych major at ASU and can help.

- Ball State University: "Because many colleges and universities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have cancelled or postponed the start of the school year due to recovery efforts, Ball State is making special accommodations, allowing undergraduate and graduate students affected by the hurricane to take classes this semester. Tom Taylor, vice president for enrollment, marketing and communications, said financial arrangements for incoming students will be made on a case-by-case basis and is encouraging interested students to contact the university as quickly as possible to ensure academic success. Ball State began classes Aug. 22. To register for classes, undergraduate students should contact the Office of Admissions toll free at (800) 482-4278. Graduate students may call toll free at (800) 382-8540 or (866) 285-4723. Thank you to Marc Ransford of BSU for getting us this information.

- Barnard College: "...the higher education community is mobilizing and Barnard is currently working to accommodate students whose own institutions have been forced to close. Our own student housing is filled for the fall semester but we hope and expect to be able to accommodate some visiting students impacted by the hurricane who want to enroll at the College and are able to live off-campus. I know that all of us will welcome these students and help to make them feel a part of our community during this time. In addition, I encourage each of you to contribute to charitable organizations and funds that are helping the hurricane survivors rebuild their shattered lives."anotherjennifer is at Barnard and can help.

- Bates College: "Bates College has announced that any Maine undergraduates enrolled at colleges or universities in the New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast area devastated by Hurricane Katrina will be welcome to take courses for credit without charge at Bates College this fall semester. Students who planned to attend colleges and universities that have been closed in the devastated areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama can apply for emergency admission as visiting students by contacting the Dean of Students Office at 207-786-6219. Room and board will be the students' responsibility, but Bates will assist in finding accommodations." Thanks to pschlax@bates.edu for passing along info.

- Baylor University: "Baylor is working to accommodate upperclassmen from higher education institutions in the hurricane-affected areas to assimilate them into the university so they can continue their studies on a temporary basis. At this time Baylor is unable to accommodate additional freshmen, but admissions staff members are working to admit sophomores, juniors and seniors for the fall semester on a space available basis...Baylor's George W. Truett Theological Seminary has offered to accommodate students at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary for a semester while the Louisiana school recovers from the hurricane...Baylor's School of Law has offered to work with the law schools at Tulane and Loyola to accommodate their law students as visiting law students while the Louisiana schools recover from the hurricane."

- Bellarmine University: "Bellarmine University has formulated an emergency plan to help admit and accommodate students who were enrolled in colleges and universities affected by Hurricane Katrina. The plan calls for a 50 percent discount on tuition, room and board and all application fees will be waived. Bellarmine, which began its fall semester on August 22, already has admitted two students who had been enrolled at Tulane University...“Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky welcomes and will accommodate 12 male students and 24 female students in the residence halls, with no limit for students who wish to live off-campus. Since Bellarmine began classes on August 22, each student displaced by Hurricane Katrina interested in attending Bellarmine must be admitted by September 9, 2005, at the latest, and will begin classes no later than September 12." eleigh is a Bellarmine alum and can help.

- Boise State University: "The University is also offering to immediately accommodate any students whose planned studies this fall have been postponed by the effects of the hurricane. Interested students should contact Boise State’s Admissions Office at (208) 426-1820 or toll free at 1-800-824-7017." Thanks to Frank Zang of Boise State for getting us this information.

- Boston College: "Students from colleges and universities in the Gulf Coast area, including Jesuit-run Loyola University of New Orleans, that have been closed by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina may apply for Visiting Student status at Boston College through the Woods College of Advancing Studies. Students from those affected schools who are interested in enrolling at Boston College for the fall semester may contact WCAS on Friday, Sept. 2 or Monday, Sept. 5 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. (EST). The number for information is 617-552-3900."

- Boston University: "University officials announced that fully enrolled Tulane undergraduates are now eligible to enroll tuition-free and attend classes at BU during the fall semester. Tulane graduate and professional students may also contact BU schools and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. BU’s Medical and Law Schools have already made arrangements for several Tulane students to attend BU programs this semester." introspicere is a grad student at BU and can help.

- Brandeis University: "Brandeis is prepared to grant 'special student' status at the undergraduate and graduate level, while these schools struggle to recover. Brandeis will offer access to classes on a space available basis. Although we cannot accommodate additional students in our residence halls, we will try to assist any student who needs help finding off-campus housing. The Brandeis science community is working with the AAU, assessing capacity and need, to find appropriate laboratory, office or research space for faculty requiring assistance." ludimagist did his MFA at Brandeis and can help with info.

- University of British Columbia: "As an educational institution committed to the principle of global citizenship, UBC stands ready to help in any way that we can. We have already been in touch with partner institutions across North America to discuss the possible placement of New Orleans-bound exchange students who may have been forced to change their plans."

- Brown University: "Brown and the seven other institutions in the Rhode Island Independent Higher Education Association (RIIHEA) will offer admission for the upcoming semester to Rhode Island residents whose studies at colleges and universities in the devastated areas have been interrupted by the hurricane. Students will apply through RIIHEA, which will coordinate with member institutions. Brown will supply a staff member to assist this effort for undergraduate students, graduate students, and medical students who are Rhode Island residents. Displaced students who are Rhode Island residents may contact RIIHEA directly at (401) 272-8270." marynanabananas will be startin grad school at Brown and can help.

- Bryn Mawr College: "The College will offer students enrolled at hurricane-stricken colleges and universities access to Bryn Mawr classes this fall through our Continuing Education program. We anticipate that most of these students will have ties to the Philadelphia area and that their number will be quite small. We will not charge these students
tuition, but we will expect them to pay to their own institutions the tuition that they would normally have paid this semester. If they have not yet paid their fall tuition to their home schools, we will collect those fees and pass them on to the home school as soon as circumstances allow. Unfortunately, we do not have housing to offer. Anyone interested in enrolling should contact Associate Dean Rona Pietrzak at 610-526-5373 or rpietrza@brynmawr.edu."

- California State University system: "The California State University this fall will admit students from Gulf Coast area colleges, as well as California students who had planned to attend a college in that region...Students from the Gulf Areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, even those who lack proper academic documents, may be admitted conditionally for Fall 2005. Their enrollment status for subsequent terms will depend upon the as-yet-unknown ability of schools, colleges, and universities in the Gulf region to provide transcripts and other documentation. Seven CSU campuses currently have some spaces available in their fall classes: Bakersfield, Chico, Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Humboldt, Los Angeles, and Sacramento."

- University of California-Berkeley: "Late last week Chancellor Robert Birgeneau offered places at Berkeley for up to 50 undergraduate and graduate students unable to study at their home campuses this fall. In addition, Boalt Hall Dean Christopher Edley, with the support of the law school’s faculty, staff and alumni, has offered 20 second- and third-year law students, primarily from Tulane and Loyola universities, a chance to continue their studies at Boalt for the fall...inquires from affected students should be directed to undergradhelp@berkeley.edu for undergraduate admissions and to grad.help@berkeley.edu for graduate students. Housing is another issue, as all of the campus residence halls are filled to capacity. But campus staff, faculty and students believe that there will be more than enough volunteers coming forward to offer housing, so that it was not considered a roadblock to inviting the displaced students immediately." shadowffax25 is a Berkeley undergrad and can help: contact info is lbfiddle@yahoo.com.

- University of California-Irvine: "UCI will accept late Student Intent to Register from previously admitted students who are not able to attend college in the impacted area. Admissions will continue to personally advise and work with students on a case-by-case basis to provide options that best suit individual needs. Please contact Associate Director of Admissions & Relations Deborah Brandon at dlbrando@uci.edu or (949) 824-4809." zoomzoom is an alum of UC-Irvine and can help.

- UCLA: "We are also concerned about college students in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama whose schools are unable to open for fall classes. In the hope that we can provide some relief to the students and their colleges, UCLA will welcome displaced students to our regular courses through UCLA Extension for the quarter beginning September 24. Through our concurrent enrollment program, students can complete coursework at UCLA to submit for credit at their home institutions. Academic counselors will be available to guide students in selecting courses suitable to their fields of study and to their level of academic preparation. UCLA Extension is working to determine how many students it can accommodate, and UCLA campus housing is assessing the number of spaces available in the residence halls. Details will be posted at www.ucla.edu and at www.uclaextension.edu as they become available. For immediate inquiries, please contact UCLA Extension at (310) 206-6201.

The UCLA School of Law also is enrolling as visiting students a limited number of second- and third-year law students from Tulane and Loyola University New Orleans for the fall semester and possibly longer, if needed."

- University of California-San Diego: "In response to the devastation occurring in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, the University of California, San Diego has devised academic accommodations for those affected students who are UCSD related or reside in the San Diego region and need alternatives for proceeding with their education. These include: a). For students who did not accept their admission to UCSD and who cannot attend a college as a result of the hurricane, UCSD will provide late enrollment into the regular undergraduate program. b). For both undergraduate and graduate San Diego area students who were not admitted to UCSD and who cannot attend a college which has been closed because of the effects of the hurricane, UCSD will try to accommodate their educational needs through concurrent enrollment with University Extension. c). For enrolled UCSD students who may be directly affected by the hurricane to the extent that they cannot continue their enrollment, UCSD will grant leaves of absences or delayed admissions for up to one year. d). UCSD School of Medicine will offer to provide rotations for senior medical students affected by Hurricane Katrina, and the School of Medicine is checking to see what placements might be available for residents and fellows.

- Carnegie Mellon: "We have spoken with a small number of Tulane students and have offered them the opportunity to take the fall semester here as non-degree students, with attendant student supports, including housing and dining."

- Case Western Reserve University: "In response to Hurricane Katrina, Case Western Reserve University is offering discounted tuition and other benefits to Tulane University students who would like to continue their college studies this semester. Case will offer the following assistance: a). A 50 percent tuition waiver (based on full-time student tuition rate): b). Permission to register for courses at Case as non-degree students for fall semester: c). Refunded tuition if Tulane students are required to pay tuition at their home university: d). Room and board at the regular rate (non-refundable): e). Linearly pro-rated tuition and room/board costs, if students are able to return to Tulane before the end of the semester. Students must complete their non-degree applications and be registered for classes by September 9."

- Chatham College: "To assist women undergraduate students whose college careers are disrupted because of Hurricane Katrina, Chatham College will waive fall semester tuition for students displaced by the disaster, according to an announcement by Esther L. Barazzone, Ph.D. Chatham president...Chatham will waive fall semester tuition, or $11,435, for seven new or matriculated female students from any accredited institution unable to admit students because of Hurricane Katrina. On-campus housing will be available, and students will be granted full rights and privileges. For more information, prospective students should contact Michael Poll, vice president for admissions, at 1-800-837-1290 or 412-365-1139, or via email at mpoll@chahtam.edu."

- City Colleges of Chicago: "City Colleges of Chicago is going to allow these students to audit courses equivalent to those affected in their fall 2005 course schedule. This will be at no expense to them. Our goals are threefold: 1) encourage students to remain focused on their educational goals 2) provide a value-added educational experience 3) ensure that affected students return to their home campus." If colleges affected by the hurricane remain closed for an extended period and students wish to earn credit for CCC coursework, they will have that option later. These students will also have access to CCC's libraries and computer labs for on-line courses in which they had previously enrolled at other institutions. Student advising will be available, and registration is underway immediately from one central location, 226 W. Jackson. Call (773) C-O-L-L-E-G-E for more information."

- Clarkson University: "Clarkson University is reaching out to Hurricane Katrina victims by extending an offer of immediate enrollment of up to 20 students from Gulf area universities closed or severely impacted by the storm. Clarkson is making the offer to those students who can be academically successful in its programs in business, engineering, the arts & science, and health sciences...Clarkson is offering to expedite the admission process and enroll those students who have paid their fall semester tuition to one of the institutions in the hurricane region. University students in those areas can contact the Clarkson Transfer Admission Office at 800-527-6577.for additional information." ealgylden is at Clarkson and can help.

- Cleveland State University: "The University will offer acceptance to hurricane-affected students who have no way to contact their college to obtain a transcript for transfer admission. Special arrangements also have been set up to accept graduate and international students. Already University officials have admitted some 20 students displaced from Tulane, Loyola, Xavier and other colleges and universities."

- The College of New Jersey: "TCNJ has been contacted by and is enrolling a number of students whose colleges and universities will not be operational this semester. Those students are being admitted on a matriculated basis or as exchange students, in order to preserve their eligibility for financial aid under federal guidelines. To offer this access, TCNJ is stretching beyond capacity and is prepared to convert lounges and other facilities, as needed, in an effort to provide campus lodging. Generous faculty and staff members have also offered to house students in need during the fall semester. If you are a faculty or staff member willing and able to welcome a student into your home, please contact Patrice Coleman-Boatwright in the Office of College and Community Relations at extension 2368 as soon as possible. We will maintain a roster of those who volunteer and make arrangements as need arises. Thank you for your generosity. Students from affected colleges and universities may continue to apply for permanent or temporary admission to TCNJ by calling 609.771.2131 or 800.624.0967, but must begin classes by September 12, 2005. Those wishing to contact the College over the Labor Day weekend should call 609.771.2862." Thank you to Professor DePasquale of TCNJ for getting us this information.

- University of Colorado-Boulder: "The University of Colorado at Boulder will offer streamlined admission to qualifying college students who have been displaced by the effects of Hurricane Katrina."

- Columbia University: They're taking undergrads, graduates, engineering, and professional school students. Click away! EDIT 6 September: We've been sent President Brinkley's letter to the Columbia community with a bit more detail: "Undergraduates will enroll as visiting students in courses through the School of Continuing Education. Graduate students will enroll as visitors through the schools in which they wish to study. While we are unable to provide housing, we are working on ways to ensure that the matriculated visiting students retain health insurance while they are here...Columbia will also welcome as visiting scholars/visiting scientists those faculty and researchers from affected colleges and universities in that region who decide to relocate temporarily to New York. We will provide them access to our libraries and gym and welcome them to join the academic events of our community. Anyone who knows of a displaced scholar who would like such a designation should contact Jane Acton Chung in the International Students and Scholars Office (212-854-3587; ja378@columbia.edu). ashtabulafish is a Columbia alum and can help.

- Concordia University (Canada): Students will be admitted as visiting students and will be able to register until September 20th. "The University has also approached government officials for assistance in facilitating the process." Contact: International Students Office at (514) 848-2424 x.3514 or email isabelle.lacelle@concordia.ca.

- University of Connecticut: "The University of Connecticut is offering students from Connecticut enrolled in colleges devastated by Hurricane Katrina the chance to study at UConn for the fall semester, and is waiving all tuition-related charges. The offer applies to students who wish to attend any campus of UConn and up to 20 students from Tulane or Loyola law schools in New Orleans who wish to study at the UConn School of Law in Hartford." mosca is a grad student at UConn and can help: contact info is mosca@livejournal.com.

- Cornell University: "This Web site is a comprehensive source of information about the outpouring of help from the Cornell community to victims of Hurricane Katrina. The university is reaching out to the students and faculty at Tulane University, now closed for an indefinite period of time, with housing and a welcoming place to continue teaching and studying." Hit the site! autovatic is an undergrad at Cornell and can help: contact info is ajg42@cornell.edu.

- CUNY: "In response to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, The City University of New York is assisting New York area students whose educational plans have been disrupted by this disaster...We have established a special admissions hotline and will work with students so that their progress toward degree completion at their home institution is minimally impacted. Please contact Ronnie McFadden at the Office of Admission Services at 212.290.5604, or by email at Ronnie.McFadden@mail.cuny.edu." bout14 is a grad student at Queens College and can help.

- Dartmouth College: "In response to the needs of college students whose lives have been disrupted by Hurricane Katrina, I have today approved a plan to offer temporary admission to academically qualified undergraduates from the colleges and universities whose operations have been affected. Because we are still three weeks away from the opening of our fall term on September 21, we hope this will be of particular help to students who need time to assess their options and take action but hope to continue their studies this fall. (full text of statement by President James Wright)." strophius is a Dartmouth alum, arxev is an undergrad, and both can help.

- Drexel University: "Drexel University including the Drexel University College of Medicine will do everything possible to help students from the Greater Philadelphia region who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina to continue their education. The announcement was made today by Stephen W. Director, provost and senior vice president and Joan McDonald, vice president for enrollment management. The University will aim to accommodate not only students who are scheduled to begin their college career as freshmen this fall, as well as those applying for admission in 2006, but also students already pursuing a degree at the affected universities. While details are still being worked out, parents and students are invited to call Drexel's admissions counselors at 1-800-2-DREXEL."

- Drury University: "Drury has joined with the American Council on Education to help students displaced by Hurricane Katrina continue their studies. Drury has 70 beds available to house students, and will place them in classes. Displaced students also will be eligible for the same Drury merit-based and activity-based aid offered to its current students. If you are intersted in relocating to Drury: Call Krystal Compas at (417) 873-7303 or e-mail kcompas@drury.edu."

- Duke University: "“Duke would be pleased to accommodate up to 75 undergraduate students from those colleges and universities on the Gulf Coast that have had to close their doors. Students in good standing at their home college or university will be eligible to enroll at Duke as visiting non-degree students through Duke’s continuing education division. Credit for any courses taken at Duke will be determined by the home institution. “Students eligible for this program are sophomores, juniors, and seniors from both North Carolina and South Carolina; siblings of current Duke students; and children of Duke faculty, staff, or alumni. These students will not be required to pay either Duke’s tuition or room charges (if they live on campus), but they will be expected to pay for food and to provide documentation of existing health insurance or to purchase health insurance during the period of time they spend at Duke. Students must begin classes by Monday, Sept. 12."

- Duquesne University: "Duquesne University President Dr. Charles Dougherty today announced that the University will accept students displaced by Hurricane Katrina, especially those from Loyola University and Xavier University, the major Catholic higher education institutions in New Orleans...Duquesne’s residence life staff, admissions team, and academic units are prepared to assist students in this outreach effort. Interested students may call the Office of Admissions at 1-800-456-0590 or 412-396-6221 for further information."

- Eastern Washington University: "Eastern Washington University welcomes undergraduate and graduate students who are registered at affected institutions in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. We will strive to accommodate visiting students in a comparable program at Eastern and to coordinate admissions, enrollment, financial aid and housing for as smooth a transition as possible. We will address long-term enrollment needs on an individual basis as the quarter proceeds. For more information, students should contact EWU Enrollment Services at (509) 359-6352 or e-mail enrollment.services@mail.ewu.edu." cantspell is a grad student at EWU and can help: mizkitty is in the area and can help.

- Emory University: "Although most of our academic divisions are more than fully subscribed, we will enroll as transient students for the fall semester about 100 undergraduate students in Emory College, the School of Nursing, and the Business School. Enrolling these students in temporary status, rather than as transfers, protects the future viability of the institutions in which the students are currently enrolled. In response to the deans of Tulane Law School and Loyola (New Orleans) Law School, Emory Law School will admit some 40 second- and third-year students from those two schools as transient students. The Goizueta Business School MBA program has offered to enroll 30 to 40 second-year MBA students. The Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing also is accepting transient applications for graduate programs. Faculty and staff from the Rollins School of Public Health are working closely with the Tulane School of Public Health to address the academic needs of approximately three dozen international students evacuated from New Orleans to Atlanta. The Emory Libraries are offering to all faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students at institutions affected by Hurricane Katrina borrowing privileges, interlibrary loan privileges, and access to the Information Commons (databases) in Woodruff."

- University of Evansville: Free tuition this semester at Evansville; only payments would be for fees ($270) and books. Contact is 812-488-2767. norachan is an Evansville alum and can help.

- University of Florida: Because of space restrictions, they can only accept students from the following disciplines: engineering, pharmacy, medicine, business, MSDIS, law, and agricultural and life sciences. "Displaced students will be offered in-state tuition rates. In addition, the university is ready to assist those students in finding living accommodations in Gainesville." yo_yomama and literfairy are an undergrad and grad student respectively at U. Florida and can help.

- University of Central Florida: "Students who were enrolled this fall at universities that have been closed because of the hurricane may apply to UCF by 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 9. Students can call 407-823-6188 for enrollment information; a 800 number will be posted at www.ucf.edu later this week. Because UCF started classes Aug. 22, admissions staff will work one-on-one with displaced students to expedite admission, enrollment and financial assistance processes. Application fees will be waived, and students will pay in-state tuition rates. UCF will provide guidance and tutoring assistance, as well as referrals for housing and other necessities." threefourtime and enelya_oronar are at UCF and can help out.

- University of North Florida: "Application fees have been waived for students from hurricane impacted areas. Transcripts and test scores are not being required for admission however students are encouraged to submit all available information. Students are encouraged to bring their current school ID if it is available. All applicants will be classified as Florida residents for tuitition purposes. Students will not be required to pay course fees until after 9/13/05. The Academic Center for Excellence is assisting students with course selection and the enrollment petition process. Enrollment petitions for adding coursework are being submitted to the Admissions Office. For additional information call the UNF Admissions Office at (904) 620-2638."

- Florida Atlantic University: "You may enroll easily at FAU as a non-degree student by completing immunization and residency forms and selecting classes. Contact the University Registrar's office at (561) 297-3050 and identify yourself as a student displaced by Hurricane Katrina to initiate this process." jmcdnld13 is at FAU and can help.

- Florida Community College-Jacksonville: "Students from areas of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi devastated by the hurricane can enroll in session A, which began last Monday, August 29; session B, which begins September 26; or session C, beginning in early October. All fees and tuition payments will be deferred and may be waived on a case by case basis pursuant to policies which are currently under development. For more information, call the Learner Support Center at 904.646.2300 (Jacksonville area); 877.633.5950 (toll-free from Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi) or e-mail info@fccj.edu."

- Florida Institute of Technology: "Florida Tech will extend its enrollment period to allow students from Brevard County that attend universities in the affected area, including, but not limited to, Tulane, Loyola, Xavier, Southern, Dillard and UNO, to attend classes at the Melbourne campus. Florida Tech will waive tuition for these students for the fall semester. Students interested in taking advantage of this enrollment option should contact the university’s registrar’s office at 674-7400. Further, members of faculty and staff will open their homes to students who need a place to stay. Those interested may contact Dr. Terry Oswalt, Vice Provost for Research, at 674-7325. Florida Tech students from the affected areas will be helped on a case-by-case basis. Florida Tech will offer its research facilities to faculty from affected universities in areas who have critical needs. Interested faculty may contact Oswalt to learn more."

- Florida State University: There isn't anything up on the website as yet, but local news reports (thanks joanypoo) say that "Florida State University officials said they would offer in-state tuition for students whose studies were interrupted by Katrina. Five displaced students have already enrolled, and the school would help them find off-campus housing, a spokeswoman said." Contact info on the website. EDIT: ralenth has gotten in touch with us, is a grad student at FSU and can help with info, and has confirmed that Florida State is accepting students.

- University of West Florida: "Gov. Jeb Bush has signed an executive order for Florida’s community colleges and universities, allowing students from hurricane-affected institutions along the Gulf Coast to enroll at the Florida tuition and fee rate...UWF will work with students on making sure they are eligible for financial aid for which they are qualified...
To register or for more information, contact the UWF Office of Admissions at (850) 474-2230, (800) 263-1074 or via e-mail to admissions@uwf.edu." [Bad username: simian"] is at UWF and can help.

- University of South Florida: "The University of South Florida is opening its doors to students affected by Hurricane Katrina...USF is prepared to make special accommodations to allow undergraduate and graduate students who are impacted by the hurricane to take classes at USF this semester...The university has approved waiving the out-of-state portion of tuition and fees for non-resident students enrolled at USF for Fall 2005 only, providing they furnish evidence of enrollment or intent to enroll in Fall 2005 at an institution of higher education located in the region affected by Hurricane Katrina. Students interested in inquiring about enrolling for the Fall semester at USF should call our toll-free number at 877-USF-BULLS." Thanks to Matt Long (mtlong@csee.usf.edu) for getting in touch. bungee is an undergrad at USF and can help.

- Fordham: "Students are accepted based on the University’s qualifications for admission and its ability to meet the student’s housing and academic needs. So far, the University has received more than 150 inquiries and has admitted third-year law students, graduate students and undergraduates. As classes are already underway, displaced students wishing to continue their studies at Fordham are urged to take action immediately so that they can begin classes by Sept. 9. Over the Labor Day weekend, students may inquire about admission via email at mmcdonnell@fordham.edu , and they may apply online at www.fordham.edu/admissions."

- Franklin College (Indiana): "President James G. Moseley announced that students enrolled in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana schools shut down by storm damage can enroll for available spaces in fall semester classes at Franklin College without an application fee and without charge for tuition. The college will make every effort to ensure that classes are transferable and similar to classes in which students had already enrolled at their Gulf Coast area colleges or universities. Interested students should call Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing Alan Hill at (317) 738-8062 no later than Friday, Sept. 9." beruthful is a Franklin alum and can help.

- Franklin Pierce College: "Franklin Pierce College, a liberal arts college of 1600 undergraduates, located in southwestern New Hampshire, will accept 20 students in good standing and allow them to start the fall semester on time. Costs including tuition, room and board, and student fees, totaling about $16,000, will be covered by the college for each student...Students interested in the offer may e-mail Franklin Pierce College at admissions@fpc.edu or those without computer connections may call 1-800-437-0048. Franklin Pierce may be visited on the web at www.fpc.edu." kindaubiquitous is at Franklin Pierce and can help.

- George Mason University: "George Mason is accepting and processing applications from Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.-area undergraduate students whose institutions in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi are unable to open because of damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. Because of the unique circumstances, Mason will allow students to apply with minimal paperwork and no fee, even though Mason’s fall enrollment is higher than expected and the semester is already under way. Students may withdraw from Mason to return to their initial institutions with no academic or financial impact if their home institution is able to open for the fall semester. Proof of registration at the original institution will need to be provided, and the opportunity is open only to students affected by the disaster."

- George Washington University: "GW will welcome students from these universities as nondegree students on a space-available basis and in anticipation of their return to their home institutions. These students would need to register for classes that are not yet full and would be responsible for their own housing. GW will waive the late registration fee for these students. Students wishing to enroll in classes at GW should review the admission and registration procedures for nondegree students at http://www.gwu.edu/~ous/index.cfm. They also may wish to contact the Office of University Students at (202) 994-1972 or ous@gwu.edu." GW Law and Medicine are also accepting students. terseywersey is an alum of and still has friends at GWU and can help.

- Georgetown University: "Undergraduate students at Loyola University New Orleans who are from the metropolitan Washington, DC area may take courses at Georgetown University during the Fall 2005 semester through an emergency cross registration program (ECRP)...ECRP students will not be admitted to Georgetown University. They will be eligible to take courses at Georgetown University on a space available basis as do students from schools that comprise the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area who participate in the cross registration program. Loyola students will not pay Georgetown tuition as they will be required or already have paid it to their home institution. Coursework and grades will be reported to Loyola at the end of the semester...Interested students may get additional information and request approval to participate in the ECRP program through the Georgetown University Office of the Registrar website at http://registrar.georgetown.edu/cross_reg_lno.htm. Students must apply by Tuesday, September 6. Course registration closes on Friday, September 9." lissiehoya is a Georgetown alum and can help: gehgoigoddess13 is a current student and can help.</b>

- University of Georgia: "The university will examine [applications] on a case-by-case basis, giving first priority to Georgia residents who previously applied and were admitted to UGA but chose to attend an institution now impacted by the storm. Vice President for Student Affairs Rodney Bennett said the institution has been requested by the American Red Cross to make housing space available to families displaced by storm damage. Bennett said the university is prepared to make some units available for Red Cross assignment." UPDATE from amule: "The University of Georgia has been asked by Gov. Sonny Perdue to participate in statewide efforts to house evacuees from the hurricane devastation along the Gulf coast. As outlined in existing disaster plans, the Ramsey Center for Student Activities is a designated Red Cross shelter in such emergencies. It can temporarily house an estimated 574 persons."

- University of Georgia system: Information for attending a UG system school can be found here, and amvhoward can help with Georgia system schools.

- Georgia State: "Georgia State will charge a maximum total of $100 to include application fee, all mandatory fees, tuition and late fees. This will apply to all in-state and out-of-state students: This offer does not include housing. Georgia State has a limited housing and it is full: This offer is for the current fall semester only."

- Harvard University: "The Harvard College Visiting Undergraduate Students program will admit 25 additional students from colleges and universities hit by the storm for the Fall semester. Applications will be processed on an expedited basis. No tuition will be charged, Kirby said. On-campus housing will be provided on a space-available basis and priority will be given to students rendered homeless by the storm. In addition, the Dean said the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will admit 25 students to its Special Students program from colleges and universities that will not reopen this fall due to the storm. As in the case of Visiting Undergraduate Student Program, applications will be processed rapidly, and no tuition will be charged. Harvard Law is taking 25 students; the Graduate School of Education is taking 25 2nd and 3rd-year students. Information of Harvard Extension School scholarships here.

- Hebrew University (Rothberg International School): "Students whose autumn semester /year programs were cancelled due to Hurricane Katrina are invited to apply to study at the Rothberg International School beginning in October...President Prof. Menachem Magidor of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has announced that full tuition scholarships at the Rothberg International School will be offered to students affected by Hurricane Katrina. The autumn semester begins on October 9, so there is still plenty of time to make arrangements to attend. Courses are offered in English, and no prior knowledge of Hebrew is required. Dormitory accommodation on the University's Mount Scopus campus is available. Interested students are asked to contact Aviva Kremer at ugrad@hebrewu.com as soon as possible." Thanks to Amy Sugin of Rothberg for getting us this information.

- Hiram College: "Hiram College President Thomas V. Chema is offering his home as housing for faculty members and residence hall rooms for students attending institutions impacted by Hurricane Katrina. The offer includes the use of campus facilities enjoyed by the rest of the Hiram community. "As we thought about ways to provide support to students displaced by the hurricane, we recognized that the opportunity to continue on in classes with familiar faculty and classmates would be a source of comfort for the victims," said Chema. "We have room for approximately 15 to 20 students in our residence halls, and my home can comfortably house a few faculty members and their family members. Because we believe so strongly in the value of close faculty-student relationships, we are extending an invitation to the presidents of the institutions in the Gulf Coast states to keep a part of their community together by sending a group of faculty and students to Hiram so that the classroom experience can continue with as little disruption as possible." lungglitter and meyerhold are alumni of Hiram and can help.

- Hobart and William Smith Colleges: "As part of a school-wide effort, HWS Responds, Hobart and William Smith Colleges will assist any student whose education has been interrupted by the devastation in the Gulf States. Students who hope to take classes this fall should contact John Young, Director of Admissions, at (800)245-0100 immediately as the semester opened August 29th. Those effected will be admitted with visiting student status until they are able to return to their home institution. The Colleges will provide a special advisor to assist students with course selection and any other issues that may arise. We will accept student registrations through September 16th. Hobart and William Smith Colleges are coordinate, private, liberal arts institutions, located in Geneva, N.Y. Hobart College for men and William Smith College for women share faculty, facilities, and curriculum, but maintain separate dean’s offices, athletics programs, student governments, and traditions. Our students, faculty, and staff are eager to lend support in any way that we can. Over the coming weeks there will be several efforts at the Colleges to raise money and provide assistance to those impacted by hurricane Katrina. In addition, we will work with our higher education colleagues to help our fellow colleges and universities return to operation as soon as possible. Don Emmons, Vice President for Enrollment, Hobart and William Smith Colleges."

- Hollins University: "Hollins University has announced that it is welcoming applications from women enrolled at colleges or universities that are unable to open due to the impact of Hurricane Katrina. These students will be able to attend Hollins tuition-free for one semester and will be obligated to pay only room and board during that time...Students and parents are encouraged to contact the Hollins University Admissions Office at (540) 362-6401 or 1-800-456-9595 for more information."

- Holy Cross: "In collaboration with the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, we are actively planning to admit on a temporary basis displaced Loyola University of New Orleans students here on campus. The number will probably be between 10 and 20, based on the inquiries we have received and capacity to accommodate them. Due to the near-complete breakdown in the communication infrastructure, we have not been able to contact Loyola New Orleans directly, but we are prepared to accept visiting students without Holy Cross tuition charges for the fall semester. If anyone contacts you about this or if you know of anyone from Loyola who would want to enroll, please get the contact information and forward it to Ann McDermott in Admissions (amcdermott@holycross.edu 508 793-2443)." alchemy_gryph is a Holy Cross alumna and can help.

- University of Houston: "Students enrolled at universities unable to open because of Hurricane Katrina are being accepted at all four University of Houston System (UHS) institutions. The Texas Coordinating Board of Higher Education today approved the UH System program making many of these students eligible for in-state tuition rates. UH is waiving the application fee and hopes to waive other internal fees. Limited housing accommodations at UH are available."

- University of Idaho: "University of Idaho President Timothy White announced that the university is immediately accepting students who enrolled or planned to enroll at universities in the areas affected by hurricane "Katrina." Students will be placed in fall classes with available space, with first priority given to Idaho residents. They also may enroll for the January, 2006 semester. Ten scholarships for tuition, fee and housing for one year will be offered to any student whose college career has been interrupted by Katrina. Interested students may contact UI Admissions Office immediately, (208) 885-6326." Thank you to Karen Cassil of U.Idaho for getting us this information.

- Illinois Institute of Technology: "We have offered to accommodate the entire school of architecture from Tulane University; we already have a number of Tulane students living in fraternities on campus; and we have had several other students enroll in classes...If you are a student who has been affected by the hurricane, please contact: Doug Geiger, Dean of Students: 312.567.6977."

- University of Illinois: "For information regarding admissions for students from hurricane affected institutions to non-degree, degree or guided individual study programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, contact the Office of Admissions and Records: 217/333-0302."

- Illinois State University: "Illinois State University will “immediately open its doors” to students at colleges and universities affected by Hurricane Katrina, President Al Bowman announced Thursday. Students interested in coming to Illinois State must be transferring from areas affected by Hurricane Katrina and must be ready to attend classes by September 9. All existing university admissions, housing and financial aid policies will apply. Students or families seeking information may e-mail Admissions Director Molly Arnold at molly.arnold@ilstu.edu or call her at (309) 438-2343 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or (309) 310-5674 after 4:30 p.m., CST."

- Illinois Wesleyan University: "The University announced today that it has a limited number of spaces to make available for qualified students who have been displaced from their undergraduate studies by Hurricane Katrina. Acting Provost Roger Schnaitter said that the University will consider students who could begin attendance by next Tuesday. Classes at Illinois Wesleyan began this past Monday...Students who are interested in pursuing attendance should contact the Office of Admission at 309/556-3031."

- Indiana University: "A special telephone number and Web site have been created to provide timely and useful information. Students and families may call 866-264-2491or go online to http://www.iub.edu/hurricane for up-to-date information about campus counseling and financial assistance services...IU is doing everything possible to help them and students from other universities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to enroll. Close to 20 students have been admitted thus far and more are arriving this week... The Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, University Division and many other IU offices are streamlining the process for when these students arrive. Residential Programs & Services will be accommodating their housing needs, and the offices of Student Financial Assistance and the Bursar will work with the families regarding fees. Current IUB students whose families have been victims of the hurricane will be contacted directly by the Dean of Students office. Those whose funds are locked up as a result of the disaster may contact the IU Office of Student Financial Assistance at 812-855-0321. IUB now has just under 100 students from the affected areas."

- Indiana University (Pennsylvania): "Students in states that have been affected by Hurricane Katrina and who have been displaced by the disaster are welcome to enroll at IUP. For information, contact Nicole Carrera, associate dean of admissions, by calling 1-800-442-6830 or 724-357-5513 or sending e-mail to nicole.carrera@iup.edu. IUP is prepared to offer admission at either the undergraduate or graduate level for students currently enrolled at institutions in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. In addition, IUP is prepared to offer a tuition and fees waiver for the fall semester for students who are Pennsylvania residents enrolled at colleges and universities in New Orleans and a waiver of the application and deposit fees, said IUP President Tony Atwater." cassandralz is at IU and can help.

- University of Iowa: "The University of Iowa Office of Admissions has had contact with about 16 students from colleges in the region devastated by Hurricane Katrina and could enroll up to 75 transfer students this semester, UI Executive Vice President and Provost Michael Hogan said...Hogan said registration deadlines will be waived for students transferring from colleges and universities devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The UI will assist them in arranging financial aid and local housing, either in residence halls or off campus. Administrators in the UI's Henry B. Tippie College of Business and the College of Law have alerted colleagues at several institutions, including Loyola, Tulane University, Southern University, and Dillard University, that the UI is prepared to accommodate students displaced from professional schools in the affected region. Graduate College Dean John Keller is working to accommodate graduate students. College of Public Health Dean James Merchant has already heard from some Tulane students and is prepared to assist others. lolacat is at Iowa and can help.

- Iowa State University: "The University also stands ready to work with any student from a college or university in the New Orleans area who has been displaced by Hurricane Katrina and who is interested in temporarily transferring to Iowa State. We also may be able to house a limited number of displaced persons in some of our unused residence hall space." kriskoekk's father is chair of the statistics department and is looking into offering spaces for graduate students and faculty as well. kriskoekk is also on-staff and can help.

And a few other useful links:

- Hurricaid.com, a really useful blog dedicated to rescue and relief efforts. Louisiana State University site on hurricane recovery and relief.

- Again, UMich's KatrinaHousing.net and MoveOn.org's HurricaneHousing.org (thanks testcase!).

- NOLA Hurricane Fund, set up by Tulane students to benefit Katrina's victims.

- CraigsList: CraigsList entries from thousands of people who can offer rooms and sometimes even houses to Katrina refugees. I read through a few dozen; many will happily accommodate pets and will try to help with transportation as well.

EDIT: Please let me know if you are an alum, a current student at, or otherwise associated with any given college or university - we're adding LJ tags (with permission) of people who can help with information or getting people settled.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:09 pm (UTC)

My school, and it's the largest research university in the SUNY system.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:13 pm (UTC)
Adding. Thank you!

- Madox
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Sep-2005 07:38 pm (UTC)
and I'm proud that the academic community
Damn straight. I got all teary when I got Emmert's message last night.
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Sep-2005 07:10 pm (UTC) - UT-Pan American
I teach at UT-Pan American, which is four hours south of San Antonio and about 5.5 from Houston. Housing and the cost of living is cheaper here than most of the rest of the state.
Here is what our provost says:
The University of Texas-Pan American is willing to accept students from Louisiana on an emergency basis and will admit students who wish to attend. We will accept students until September 9, 2005 (for a semester) on this basis. Students who are interested may contact Dr. Maggie Williams, Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Services, 956-381-2482 or Dr. George Avellano, Dean of the Graduate School / Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, 956-381-3661.

These students need to advise us that they are from Louisiana Schools and are seeking admission due to the Emergency situation at their current campus. We will do all we can to accommodate their admission.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:13 pm (UTC) - Re: UT-Pan American

- Madox
2nd-Sep-2005 07:10 pm (UTC)
"Sep 02, 2005 - Spring Hill College Offers Help for Displaced College and University Students

Mobile, Ala. -- In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala. is offering to accommodate students displaced by the storm interested in continuing their education. The College is extending an offer to assist students from colleges and universities in the New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast areas and other areas impacted by the hurricane by IMPLEMENTING AN EXPEDITED ENROLLMENT PROCESS through Friday, Sept. 9. STUDENTS MUST SHOW EVIDENCE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN DISPLACED FOM THEIR COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY BECAUSE OF THE HURRICANE. CLASSES CAN BEGIN IMMEDIATELY AND SPRING HILL WILL WORK WITH STUDENTS ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS IN REGARDS TO ABILITY TO PAY TUITION.

Spring Hill College has adequate residential and classroom space to accommodate up to 150 additional students. Students will be charged room and board if living on campus. STUDENTS WILL BE CONSIDERED AS HAVING TRANSIENT STATUS WHICH MEANS THEY WILL REMAIN REGISTERED AT THE SCHOOL FROM WHICH THEY WILL BE TRANSFERRING. EVERY EFFORT WILL BE MADE TO ENSURE TRANSFER OF CREDITS AND THAT STUDENTS REMAIN ON TRACK WITHIN THEIR INTENDED MAJOR. It is our intention that these students would return to their colleges and universities for the spring semester if possible.

Because transcripts and other information will be difficult to obtain at this time, the College will accept portions of records and a variety of other documents to determine eligibility for admission.

Students interested in continuing their education during this difficult period should contact the Spring Hill Admissions Office at 251-380-3030 to make arrangements or for more information. Students can also email admit@shc.edu."

Had to plug my alma mater. It's an excellent school, reasonably close to New Orleans and a similar mood and spirit to New Orleans.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:13 pm (UTC)
Excellent, thank you!

- Madox
2nd-Sep-2005 07:11 pm (UTC)
Please add University of Louisville
2nd-Sep-2005 07:14 pm (UTC)
Will do; thank you for the link!

- Madox
2nd-Sep-2005 07:13 pm (UTC)
sorry, forgot to post a link to our home page at UT-Pan American.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:14 pm (UTC)
Add GWU in DC: http://www.gwu.edu
2nd-Sep-2005 07:23 pm (UTC)
Done and done.

- Madox
2nd-Sep-2005 07:16 pm (UTC)
Vanderbilt University's offering:

"The Division of Unclassified Students (DUS) has created a new program called Visiting Students to accommodate students from Nashville and its surrounding counties who had intended to enroll at a Gulf Coast area college or university this fall. This is a special category of students who are not seeking a Vanderbilt degree but wish to experience a rigorous educational environment and are able to live off campus. We have waived the application fee and streamlined the process so students can begin attending classes no later than September 7."

More info here: www.vanderbilt.edu/Katrina.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:25 pm (UTC)

- Madox
2nd-Sep-2005 07:17 pm (UTC)
add University of memphis www.memphis.edu
2nd-Sep-2005 07:29 pm (UTC)

- Madox
2nd-Sep-2005 07:22 pm (UTC)
Correction: University of San Diego. There are so many instutitions in SD that it sometimes gets confusing to name them!
2nd-Sep-2005 07:18 pm (UTC)
i've been compiling a list, as well, and all that is here.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I added your schools and linked to your post.

- Madox
2nd-Sep-2005 07:38 pm (UTC)
thanks alchemy_gryph for doing this. cheers.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:59 pm (UTC)
No prob; It's the end of the day here in England and I figure I've got less on my plate now at the immediate moment than most others back Stateside (though I'll have to go home and red-pen my dissertation soon. The horror).

- Madox
2nd-Sep-2005 07:38 pm (UTC) - UVA

"The University of Virginia in Charlottesville said it will enroll academically qualified Virginia residents with the aim of transferring credits back once storm-affected schools reopen. By late Thursday, 87 students had been offered spots."
2nd-Sep-2005 07:53 pm (UTC) - Re: UVA

- Madox, looking at UVA for the Ph.D., actually.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:39 pm (UTC)
Add the University of Kansas (aka KU): http://www.news.ku.edu/2005/August/Aug31/katrina.shtml
2nd-Sep-2005 07:54 pm (UTC)

- Madox (HC played KU in the first round of the NCAA basketball tourney in 2002)
2nd-Sep-2005 07:52 pm (UTC)
Took me a while to find this...had to find it at the UNO website: I believe that these measures apply to the four major Universities unaffected in LA by Katrina (LA Tech, UL-Monroe, UL-Lafayatte, LSU)

Louisiana Public Colleges and Universities Adopt Measure To
Help Students Affected By Katrina

September 1, 2005 8:55 PM

Acknowledging that it is impossible to determine exactly when Louisiana's public colleges and universities affected by Hurricane Katrina will reopen this semester, Louisiana's Commissioner of Higher Education and the state's four postsecondary education system presidents today agreed to the following measure, aimed at helping displaced students continue their studies:

If a student has enrolled at one of the public colleges or universities (listed below) not presently able to offer classes during the current semester due to damage from Hurricane Katrina, the student, at his or her option, will be able to:

Take courses electronically for degree credit through his or her home campus. These courses should begin on or about October 10.

Enroll as a visiting student at another Louisiana public college or university for which that student is otherwise eligible without paying additional tuition and mandatory attendance fees. Accommodation will be made for recipients of TOPS and other state financial aid.

Additionally, affected campuses are exploring options or offering courses at off-campus locations. Students should contact their home institution or system office or more information on this possible option.

Students eligible for these considerations must be currently enrolled at one of the following institutions:
Southern University - New Orleans, UNO, Delgado Community College, Nunez Community College, LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans, or the Sidney Collier, Slidell, West Jefferson, or Jefferson campuses of the Louisiana Technical College.

"We realize how much the situation caused by the hurricane has affected students at many institutions," said Michelle Gieg, LSU-Baton Rouge SGA president and chair of the Louisiana Council of Student Body Presidents. "This measure will provide these students with viable options for continuing their studies. My hope is that my fellow students across the state will find educational opportunities that will meet their needs during this trying time."

"As a student directly affected by Hurricane Katrina, I know that it's almost impossible to fathom the impact of this disaster," said Monica Clark, SGA president at UNO. "I'm pleased that our colleges and universities are working to accommodate the needs of our students."

For additional enrollment information call 1 (800) 516-6444 or (225) 578-INFO.
2nd-Sep-2005 07:54 pm (UTC)
The link might be useful :)

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