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How has computer technology changed students and/or teachers?

 I am collecting informal information for an ethnography centered on the implications of technology in and outside the classroom.  I would truly appreciate a veteran's view or a new teacher's view on this topic.  I am working towards licensure in secondary education to teach middle school English, so this subject is very relevent to me.  As an older student (30) with a teenage daughter of my own, I also have a compelling need to understand what everyone is doing on the computer and why?  If you have time to answer a few open-ended questions or would like to share anything about your personal experiences, I would be most appreciative. 

How often do you use compters in the classroom?  And for what purpose?  I would love to hear of ways you may have successfully (or unsuccesssfully) incorporated technological innovations into your classroom or a lesson plan.

How often are computers needed to complete the homework you assign?

Do you think the increased recreational use of computers has affected your students in a positive or negative way, or both?

Do you think your students have become better writers and/or communicators, because of the increased use of the written word via bloggs, IMs, email, role-play, ect.? 

If you have been teaching long enough to remember how things were before the internet explosion, what do you think of the changes?  Both positives and/or negatives?

I would appreciate a little background such as what age you teach, what subject and how long you have been teaching as well as any additional information that you feel comfortable sharing.

What role does the computer (and all it's various uses) play in your non-teaching life?  What do you use it for?  

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